The Importance of having a good task management

The Importance of having a good task management

Nowadays, having a task management has become a necessity. These systems can help you: plan activities, schedule work, manage resources, monitor the progress of your goals and our motto: “make things happen”, to stop procrastination in the past.

In Xpinnit not only help you to achieve all your objectives through the effective management of your tasks and collaborators, but that communication is unified and effective.

Our task manager will help you to centralize all the information and, at the same time, allow all your collaborators to perform the tasks that you must carry out at all times. There are no pretexts for not performing tasks in time and manner.

If it’s the first time to use Xpinnit, what are you waiting for to increase your productivity! And if you are already part of our community we explain the new improvements we made for you:

Direct invitation to tasks for new users. Now, if you forgot a collaborator at the time of creating your event you can incorporate when you are assigning the task to a user, I only ask for your email and that’s it.

Edit directly within your event. Now you can modify, duplicate, synchronize and delete in an easier and direct way.

Use any browser. Now, we are available for all browsers in Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

We incorporate free advisory. Now, you can fill out and sign up for your own personalized session to get the most out of Xpinnit.

Every day we integrate improvements that allow you to have even more productivity and ease of use in the organization of your life.

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