Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an event?

    In xpinnit an event is the place that integrates all the common tasks, which can be generated in a meeting, a project or a list of pending tasks. In an event you must add the users that will collaborate within it and assign permissions and security for each of them. Remember, each event is independent.

  • What is a classification?

    Xpinnit offers you everything you need to make the best accommodation for all your earrings, that’s why we created the classifications. These are custom categories where you can group your events. All you have to do is create a classification in the “new” button, select the “classification” option and drag your already created events to the new classification.

  • How does user security work?

    Xpinnit has 3 different credentials for users. When you create an event and add people to it, you can select any of them:

    • Supervisor: This user can change events, assign tasks, define agents and schedule delivery dates. In general it has the administration of the whole event. We recommend you think very carefully about who may have the role of supervisor.
    • Viewer: When you are a viewer, you can have an overview of the event, however, you will not be able to make changes to its tasks, responsibilities and scope. As a viewer you can receive delegated tasks and in your personal tasks you can attach files and make use of the internal chat.
    • No access: This option was created for users who can receive a task, however, they will not be able to access the event itself. The task that was assigned to this user can be viewed and executed in his personal section of “my tasks”.

  • Can I use Xpinnit only for personal work teams and slopes?

    Xpinnit is a tool for personal and collaborative use, which helps to improve your productivity. You can manage your day-to-day tasks, the collaboration of your closest work team or have control of an organization with more than 1000 people. Xpinnit is the easiest way to manage any event in your life that has tasks.

  • What forms of payment does Xpinnit accept?

    Xpinnit makes everything easier, make your payments with VISA, American Express and MasterCard credit and debit cards.
    Bank deposits and transfers for monthly and annual licenses.
    And for annual payments, you can pay in cash at oxxo and 7 eleven stores.

  • How long does the payment have to be made?

    Xpinnit accepts monthly and annual payments, we want to take care of your finances and maximize your personal or collaborative productivity.
    If you are part of a company and are looking to make a payment for multiple users, contact us and we have an attractive plan for you

  • I need to add more users to my team, how will that Xpinnit charge me?

    Each user can purchase unlimited premium licenses for anyone, at the time you select the annual or monthly payment term the following happens:

    • Monthly: When purchasing another group of premium licenses with a monthly payment, the cut-off date is automatically set to a single group of licenses, it is important that you check the cut-off date of your previous group so that you do not lose licensing days.
    • Annual: In the case of purchasing another group of licenses in annual payment, you must make your payment independently and be aware of the cut-off date of each group of licenses.