Keep your productivity at
an extraordinary level.

Visualize your world
practical and friendly.

Create events and order every aspect of your life.

Measure the performance of your projects,
meetings and pending projects.

Categorize your projects as you wish.

Group all your tasks and
activities into events.

Integrate your meetings, audits, projects or activities in different independent and customizable events.

Invite whoever you want to collaborate in your events, just add their email or phone number and start working with them.

Create all the tasks you need in
each of your events.

Create tasks, define responsibilities, assign dates, attach documents and prioritize activities in
the simplest way you can imagine.

You just create tasks, Xpinnit does
the rest in one click.

Create minutes for your meetings.

Display gantt diagrams in your events. (soon)

Start conversations with your work teams.

Manage all your activities in your own to do list.

Log in to your to do list and view all your personal and delegated tasks.

Filter your tasks and choose what you want to see.

Delegate activities whenever you need them.

Inspiring change is in you.
Share Xpinnit with your friends,
family and work teams.

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Repetitive Task

Schedule your tasks in the temporality you need.

Multi-user task

Assigns the same task to
several users.

Chat by task

Collaborate with your team in each activity.


Keep track of what’s going on at your events.


Make sure you don’t miss anything.


Use hashtags to group your tasks.

Optional measurement

Decide what events you want to measure.